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Conjurors & Captives (Prenitian Lost Chronicles 1)


His magic will end him, as it will end your child.


Once upon a time, someone said, the famous names of Prenitia saw their lives shattered, before they'd even been given the chance to live them.

Prenitian Lost Chronicles explores these lives, and the secrets they hold, the bonds and the binds that forged them, the conjurors and captives that were left.

Conjurors & Captives will be released after The Bond of Fractures Volume One: Before We Fall.

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The Bond of Fractures : Before We Fall (Of Preludes & Epitaphs 3.1)


The finale of the first series of Prenitian Chronicles (but not the end!).

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In Perpetuity

ISBN-13-9780993292545 P/B

ISBN-13 9780993292552 ebook

ASIN      B07KGD4W1V Kindle

Warring rages across the world. The human race is going extinct. But Sebastian Eastman’s obsession is going to save them all.

Thousands of people lie in cryonic-storage. There’s only one problem. Nobody’s ever been awakened from cryosleep, and no-one knows if the thousands of hearts Sebastian’s already stopped will ever warm again.

Then death comes for him.

Three years and a miraculous recovery later he returns to find his project hijacked, institute taken over, and his apparent replacement under his tutelage.

Exposed, vulnerable and haunted—and falling for a woman who hates him—the discoveries he’s set to make might just sacrifice humanity as he knows it...but who will bear the cost?


In Perpetuity is released in honour of the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Stian has committed the ultimate crime of Aude Sapere; now his life lies in the hands of the ruthless Triumvirate. But his part in the future isn't over - he may be the last one who can find the fabled Creator, but whether he likes what he'll find is another matter.

Chaya is a short story of betrayal and enlightenment in a dystopian future.

The Price of Sanctuary (Of Preludes & Epitaphs 2)


I will make sure this nightmare never happens...


Return to Prenitia, with the dark fantasy second instalment in Of Preludes & Epitaphs...


The battle for Matara was long ago; peace is finally on the horizon in Prenitia. But through heartbreak and a twist of fate Cora and Carrta find themselves trapped in enemy territory whose intentions are unclear and devastating, and will destroy their understanding of the world.


Meanwhile, after a painful estrangement Leyna and Adri reunite on a journey to the goddess' realm, only to be consumed by ancient magic and faced head-on with harrowing futures in whose stark foundations they may be helpless in preventing. Drawn back to the chronicles Telena seeks answers to a mystery of which she emerges at the heart.


Can the legendary names fight their way to freedom before their lives, liberties and the entire south are made prey to their own darkest fears? And should Telena put faith in strangers who show her a world from which she may never be able to turn?


When peace is so desperately needed there is only one way to earn it.

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The Fate of Vultures (Of Preludes & Epitaphs 1)


"Whatever happens, it won't be the end..."

Delve into the brand new realm of Prenitia, with the first in the new Of Preludes & Epitaphs series...

The usurper king of Matara razes a nation in search of its missing queen. The city witch fights for her life against the necromancer holding her prisoner. And in the faraway village of Rayan its people refuse to barricade their home, over-confident of their own safety.

When tragedy strikes the survivors find themselves stranded and struggling to find help, blossoming love is torn apart and long-held secrets tarnish a courageous journey through their dangerous landscape and magical realms.

Can they maintain solidarity and search for a saviour in the presence of the unbelievable? Will any of them truly be able to pull Prenitia from this darkest of times?

When Telena delved into the dusty books she could never have guessed her own dark journey with these mythical names had but begun.

Take up your sword for the brand new epic fantasy series, and prepare for The Fate of Vultures - the battles of magic have just begun...